CPCMy dream came true and the Monograph which was ready to be launched at the end of 2020 was finally introduced on the prestigious stage of the Czech Photo Centre in Prague on August 30th at 6 pm and now is available for you to have!

The opening was prepared in the afternoon on the day of the launch itself – we tested the hanging system which would be used during the exhibition in Liberec and it looked promising, everything worked! I am deeply grateful to Veronika, Radka and all the CPC team for their great support thanks to which everything worked out smoothly, and also to Petra, the good soul of my whole mini team. Well, in the evening there were many friends and a couple of surprises, which is not easy to describe, so you’d better look in the gallery! Unfortunately, the pictures could not stay up in the CPC for a longer time because at the end of the week they were to be pulled up into the sky (under the roof of the Regional Library in Liberec) – the dismantling of the exhibition took exactly 11 minutes – probably a new world record :-))) I’d like to thank Petra, Tomáš Vocelka, Richard Horák and Miro Tichý for the pictures from the gallery.


Those who have been following my work for some time will know, that the picture triptych inspired by these three great writers and their literary masterpieces originated between 2016 and 2019. During my trips in search of subjects for my pictures I visited both the places where their works are situated and also places linked directly, or in my imagination also indirectly, with their lives: Bohemia, Denmark, France, England, as well as Morocco, Iceland or the Canary Islands. Overall, I visited over 40 locations.

Macha 02 2016 0025 LEV1 PRN WEBMy literary-photographic story commenced on March 28, 2016, shortly after 7 in the morning. That is, about 250 years after the tragedy that later inspired Mácha’s poem May. Early in the morning I took a photo of Bezděz across the lake surface in Staré Splavy. Later, this picture not only won several awards in international competitions, but, without me being aware of it then, set off the whole Literary Triptych. All three projects successively won awards in prestigious international competitions – Paris, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, Luxembourg. They helped me achieve the European QEP certificate and guided me to teaching and organizing unique photo-trips in the footsteps of distinguished artists.

At first, all three projects were individually exhibited in the Gallery of Art Critics in Prague, and later in various places in the Czech Republic and also in Berlin. And now, the first date when the whole triptych will be shown together in one summarizing exhibition is coming – it will be in Liberec on the occasion commemorating 20 years of the opening of the Regional Research Library in Liberec but about that in a separate post.

The monograph completes my work with writers and in this place I can only thank all those who supported me greatly and permanently on my journey. Not only have I met many professionals in my field, but also many kind people who did not hesitate to give me expert advice or just had my back when things did not go smoothly. There could certainly be more names, here is an alphabetical list of those who directly participated on the creation of the individual projects – through org

Milan Blšťák, Macroworld printing; Zbyněk Cincibus, photographer; Tomáš Čejchan and Die Kabbelka, musicians; Lukáš Červený, musician; Peter Gaenssle, photographer; Alice Hamplová, Centrum Dohody; Imad Jawhari, pilot in the desert; Jan Kárník, Megapixel printing; Anna Koláčková, The Embassy of Denmark in Prague; Milan Kopecký, astro-photographer; Veronika Lebdušková, Megapixel printing; Wolfgang Luber, marketing and organizational support; Renata Mauserová, Doksy Municipal Cultural Centre; Taťjana Medvecká, actress; Katharina Meyer, Czech Centre in Berlin; Pavel Mík, photographer and pilot; Václav Nekvapil, pilot and lobbyist; Kateřina Nevečeřalová, French Institute in Prague; Jiří Novák, Foto Škoda printing; Renata and Giňa Patzakovi, scenic support; Wolfgang Pliska, Reisebüro Global Berlin; Jan Pohribný, photographer, APF; Robert Rambousek, photographer and musician; Lucia Sekerešová, marketing and organizational support; Lenka Singerová, SV-studio printing; Paulina Skavová and the team of the UFFO community centre in Trutnov; Antonín Teichmann, the owner of the propeller; Radek Uhlíř & Wendy Lyachová, photographers; Ivana Víchová, Eleven printing; Jiří Výbora, photographer and marketer.
I would especially like to thank my wife Lenka who accompanied me on all my trips and inexhaustibly supplied me with precious information, particularly on Andersen and Saint-Exupéry; and Mrs Vlasta Čiháková Noshiro who gave me space to present my work in the Gallery of Art Critics and did not let me stray away from my professional path towards the goal. Thank you!!


DSC 4448 copyThe monograph “MÁCHA – ANDERSEN – EXUPÉRY” is my first original publication. The book contains a collection of selected key pictures from the three literary cycles, an essay by the curator of the Gallery of Art Critics, Mrs Vlasta Čiháková Noshiro, and by Jan Pohribný, president of the Association of Professional Photographers, as well as commentaries by fellow photographers both from the Czech Republic and other countries. The book was self-published in offset print in Tiskárna Daniel, with sponsorship from Jonathan and Craig Slass, with graphic design by Ondřej Musil, a talented graphic designer from Liberec.

“I have always been a typical bookworm, and today I have completely fallen for the charm of audio books. I like stories, I am fascinated by the talent and skills not only of writers but also of music composers, painters, architects, I am fascinated by the actors’ and musicians’ ability to interpret given works. And this fascination is definitely the main thing behind the origin of this triptych – an effort to interpret the stories of three famous writers in visual form. I hope now, in all humility and modesty, that my takes with catch your attention and transport you, at least for a moment, to the world of your imagination, to the Treasure Island that is yours and yours only!“


“How do I perceive Vladimír Kysela’s photos? They are filled with emotions, lyricism, magical playfulness, sensuosity and most of all with endless imagination…”

Marian Beneš, Association of Professional Photographers, Master QEP

“Vladimír Kysela adopts a unique approach to his work in that he examines the connections between various artforms: photography, painting, literature, music, theatre. It results in a world of tantalizing virtual landscapes based on the literary works of Mácha, Andersen and Exupéry, brought to life using masterful photographic illustration.”

Sean Begshaw, American outdoor photographer and teacher, “Outdoor Exposure Photography“

„Vladimír Kysela has a distinctive abstract style, characterized by subtle dreamy landscapes. His works awaken imagination and let the viewer escape, be carried away into another world, give space to their own thoughts and interpretations, just like the best of abstract artworks.”

Ralf Stelander, director and co-founder of the Swedish curator server


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In Liberec, 31.8.2021